Can real donald trump delete tweets?

As of May 2017, it is not possible for real Donald Trump to delete tweets. However, he can only delete tweets from his Twitter account if he manually deletes them or if his account becomes suspended.

According to the Twitter rules, users are able to delete their own tweets at any time. However, once a tweet is deleted, it is gone forever and cannot be recovered.

Are Trump’s tweets official statements?

In a recent development, a US National Archives spokesman said that Trump’s tweets are considered presidential records. This means that Trump’s tweets will now be preserved and archived like other presidential records.

This is a significant development, as it underscores the importance of social media in modern communications. It also raises the question of whether tweets should be considered official statements from the president.

There is no doubt that Trump’s tweets are a significant part of his communication strategy. He often uses Twitter to announce policy decisions or to make statements on current affairs.

Given the importance of Trump’s tweets, it is understandable that the US National Archives would want to preserve them. However, it is not clear if tweets should be considered official statements from the president.

There is a risk that treating tweets as official statements could lead to a situation where the president is only able to communicate through Twitter. This would limit the president’s ability to communicate with the public and could create a situation where only the president’s supporters have access to his thoughts and statements.

It is also worth noting that Trump’s tweets are often inaccurate or misleading. If tweets are considered official statements, then this could create a situation where the president is able to disseminate false information without consequence.

Dan Scavino is the White House Director of Social Media. He has held this position since January 20, 2017 and is responsible for managing the President’s social media presence. This includes creating and curating content, as well as engaging with the public on behalf of the President. Scavino is a close confidante of President Trump and is considered one of his most trusted advisers.

How many people are on Truth Social

Truth Social is a social networking service that allows users to connect with friends and family. The site was launched in February 2021 and has since then gained over 17 million unique visitors from the United States in September 2022. The site allows users to share photos, videos, and messages with friends and family.

The White House recently deleted a tweet in which they took credit for an automatic cost-of-living increase in seniors’ Social Security checks. However, the inflation that Vice President Biden caused is still very much present. Seniors on a fixed income are struggling to make ends meet, and the White House’s deleted tweet is a reminder of how out-of-touch they are with the reality of everyday Americans.

Who is the only president to have been impeached twice?

The impeachment of a president is a serious matter and is not to be taken lightly. It is a political process, and as such, is often fraught with partisanship. Nevertheless, it is an important check on the executive branch and has been used sparingly throughout our history.

The Truth Social App is a great way to stay informed about the latest news and information. The App is available for download in the Google Play Store. With its inclusion in the Google Play Store, Truth Social can now be accessed across all devices in the United States.

Why can’t i access Truth Social?

Trump’s Truth Social app is not currently available on the Google Play Store due to a lack of content moderation, as per a statement issued by Google today. This comes several days after Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes implied in a TV interview that Google was responsible for the holdup. It’s currently unclear when or if the app will be made available on the Google Play Store.

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Are deleted Tweets really deleted

When you delete a Tweet, it is removed from your account, and the timeline of any account that follows you. The Tweet will also be removed from Twitter search results on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android. Retweets of the deleted Tweet will also be removed on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android.

If you want to delete a tweet, you can do so by clicking the trash can icon next to the tweet. Keep in mind that you can only delete tweets authored by your account. To remove a tweet you’ve retweeted, click the Retweet symbol to Undo Retweet.

Will reporting a Tweet delete it?

It’s important to remember that once you report a message or conversation, it will be removed from your inbox. This is to help ensure that your messages are safe and secure.

This is a very serious issue and Google needs to be more careful about what apps are allowed on their platform. Inciting violence is never acceptable and it’s especially concerning coming from an app that is supposed to be a social media platform. Google needs to do a better job of vetting apps before allowing them to be listed on the Play Store.

Is Truth Social on Google Play Store

The decision to allow Truth Social to be downloaded via Google’s app store means that the company has implemented stronger content moderation policies. This is a good move by Google, as it will help to keep their platform clean and safe for users.

Truth Social is a social networking app that looks like a clone of Twitter. The app allows users to create a profile, follow other users, and comment, share, and like posts.

Is Truth Social not on App Store?

Truth Social is an Android app that allows users to easily download apps from any source. This is a great feature for Android users, as it allows them to access a wider range of apps than what is available through Apple’s app store. However, it is important to note that Truth Social does not appear to offer its own website or third-party app marketplaces. This means that users will have to download the app directly from the company’s website in order to access it.

The article discusses the fact that Truth Social, a social media platform, has a web app but is not yet available on Android. This is disappointing to some users who would prefer to use the app on their Android devices. The article does not mention when, or if, the app will be available on Android.


Donald Trump cannot delete tweets because they are public record.

In conclusion, yes, Donald Trump can delete tweets. However, doing so doesn’t make them disappear entirely. The fact is, once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. So even if Trump deletes a tweet, people will still be able to see it.

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